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March 16, 2015

How I Stay Organized

exact day planner here

I am such a nerd when it comes to  my day planner! Call me old fashion but I still think this is the best way to plan your life and stay organized. You might also think that a full size notebook planner is a bit much but I love having room to write absolutely everything I need to do in my planner.


The time I spend writing in my day planner is kind of therapeutic to me. I love taking a few minutes at the beginning of my day to really prioritize and review what I need to do that day and plan the upcoming week.


In a way, my day planner is kind of like my diary. I like to write everything I do in there to not only keep me organized, but then I can flip back and remember what I did on a particular day and its kind of cool to watch your own progress. I would be completely lost without my day planner. I wouldn’t have as many videos posted, I wouldn’t remember any of my appointments, and I probably wouldn’t be as good of a friend because I would forget about any plans I made. I am a really forgetful person but the act of writing something down and seeing it visually written down next to the date helps my memory so much. Even though I usually remember to do things after writing them down in my day planner, I still look at it constantly throughout the day. It helps me stay on track and I love being able to check things off after I do them, it’s so rewarding!


So my first organization tip is to get a day planner, obviously. And my second tip would be to get these plastic post it tabs to keep your spot in your planner. They are super durable, I’ve actually only had to use one since the new year started and I just keep moving it every week. There is nothing worse than having to flip through your pages to find the current week. Just save yourself a few seconds every day and mark off the current week and thank me later!


So I have used so many different things to organize and decorate my day planner but lately I have been using washi tape and loving it! You can buy washi tape at any office supply store, target, amazon… but I got this set of 5 with a dispenser at Michael’s for less than $8 and it’s been working perfectly for me. Not only does this make my day planner look pretty and make me want to look at it more often, but by writing things on the tape I can easily move things around when life gets in the way of my plans. I hate how messy things look when you have to cross things out, I use to use white out but that ended up looking messy too. This keeps everything clean and pretty at all times. You can also color coordinate things this way too!


Another thing I used are these full adhesive post it notes. Since my day planner is so large I have extra room in each section so I just put one of these next to each day so I can add any extra notes for myself each day. I like the full adhesive post it notes best because they won’t stick out or fall out. They are also convenient for a grocery list or something like!

Overall, I would just say have fun with your planning, do what works for you! I always feel like the way my day planner looks reflects the way my brain feels so I like to keep it clean, clear, fun, and bright! It just makes me happy :) Let me know if you have any questions, happy planning!



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