Spontanea Dinner & Long Beach Vegan Festival! | Dani Lauren

June 07, 2016

Spontanea Dinner & Long Beach Vegan Festival!

This weekend I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attend a Vegan “pop-up dinner” in Orange County! It’s called Spontanea Dinner and it’s run by Hannah McNeely, Evan Oliver, and Briana Maxson! I first heard about it from Mango Island Mama (Hannah’s sister Ellen Fisher) and BananaBlondie108 (Michelle Muenich).

This month’s theme was Mexican Food so we had a 6 course vegan and gluten free meal and a glass of Sangria and just hung out under a lit patio and talked to new like minded people! I am so glad I went and so glad my friend Nicole (MissVranHalen) went with me! We had a great time and I can’t wait for the next dinner!

Then on Saturday Nicole and I went to the Long Beach Vegan Festival! There were so many food trucks and so many tents with vegan vendors! I stopped by Gardein and they gave us a super cute T-shirt and then got a veggie burger from The Green Truck! I also met Taryn from Vegetaryn and bought a shirt from her and she was so sweet and gave me another one for free! I also met Jasmine from Sweet Simple Vegan and bought a T-shirt from her as well! I love rocking my vegan t-shirts clearly and I love meeting people I follow on instagram and youtube in real life!

Anyways it was a super fun weekend so I decided to take you guys along! I hope you enjoy the vlog!

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