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March 04, 2015

Welcome to DaniLauren.com!


So… I was kind of forced to “re-vamp” my blog, but it turns out I’m kind of happy about it.

As some of you may or may not know at the beginning of last year I launched “style-by-dani.com” which you can still use and it will direct you to here. First off, I hated the dashes in the name but ‘stylebydani.com’ was taken and I contacted the lady and she said she would sell it to me for $12,000……. Maybe some of you have 12K laying around, but I definitely do not. So that was obviously off the table and the best thing I could come up with was adding the dashes.

So I tried this blog thing for a couple ofmonths but I didn’t really feel like it was catching on and I didn’t really feel passionate to write about anything. For some reason having the word “style” in my blog title made me feel limited- like I could only talk about things style related. And even though I have never felt that way with my YouTube channel… for some reason I kept hitting road blocks when it came to thinking about blog posts and so eventually I just stopped. I stopped for so many months that when it was time to renew my hosting, I didn’t even notice. Until one day I decided to pop on the old blog and it was gone. Whoops!

So all the blog posts I had done in the past are now in the black hole of the internet, and I am forced to start from scratch. And since I was starting over anyways, I decided to rename it. I tried to come up with something creative… but it didn’t happen. So welcome to DaniLauren.com! (Lauren is my middle name, in case you guys didn’t know)

I now feel like I have the freedom to write about whatever my little heart desires on here. Style, beauty, health, fitness, life… everything! Let me know in the comments what you would like my thoughts and opinions on and I promise I will try to keep it interesting!

Love you guys!




4 thoughts on “Welcome to DaniLauren.com!

  1. Hey dani!
    Just wanted to tell you i love your style and think your adorable. I am really happy to see you have a blog and just wanted to send you some love and encouragement. I look forward to reading your blog!

  2. HI Dani I love your videos and your blog ..Do you know about Kathleenlights ? You two are my favorite youtubers and it would be great to see u do something

  3. Hi Dani!

    I just wanted to tell you that you’re my favorite Youtuber. I’m not really one to leave comments on videos, but I do watch every one of your videos because I feel like i can really connect with you. you’re so real and you’re always yourself. you seem like the sweetest person and you and austin are seriously just adorable! sometimes you guys remind me of me and my boyfriend. :-)

    Anyway, i wanted to see if you could make a youtube video about blogging…maybe tell us how you got started, what platform you’re using, how you think of inspiration, do you ever get discouraged because you can’t think of what to write, etc. I absolutely love crafting and attempted to start a blog about it, but i just got burnt out with the process of actually creating the blog. i wasn’t happy with the platform, i didn’t know how to create my own logo, etc. So eventually i just gave up. I would love to hear your “how you got started” story and maybe it will give me some inspiration to tackle blogging again.

    Thanks girl! :-)

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